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Fix Overflowed Cupcakes

So you’ve screwed up a batch of cupcakes and over filled them. Either you’re using a new pan or a new recipe. The reasons don’t matter. They taste great, but look terrible. It’s happened to everyone at one point or another. Today it happened to me while using a new pan. So, in the interest of helping out my fellow bakers who have made this mistake, I decided to give some very simple instructions in case this happens to you.

It’s an easy mistake to make, but it’s also really simple to fix. Once the cupcake has cooled completely, flip it upside down. And trim the edges, using the cup liner as your guide.

Next, take your frosting and apply a crumb coat, making sure to cover where you trimmed. (A crumb coat is a thin layer of frosting. For this application, though, I recommend you use a little more than you’d use for frosting a cake.) There will be crumbs. I recommend you wipe your knife between each spread. Once you have the crumb coat on, chill until it has hardened slightly and then frost as you normally would.

These happen to be Banana Split Cupcakes – chocolate and vanilla cake with strawberry and banana icing. The sprinkles help to give it that “ice cream” look while hiding any mistakes or crumbs.

IMG_1164sm IMG_1177

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I love to cook. The one daily pleasure I have that's lasted since I was young is cooking. My mom has always been a whiz in the kitchen and I grew up with my grandmother cooking from scratch, making her mother's mother's recipe. Sauces are a great love of mine as they elevate great food to spectacular, but every part of preparing a meal satisfies me - probably more than the actual food sustains me. Cooking for my husband, my family and my friends brings me great joy as it has always felt like I'm giving myself to them. While my food may not be fancy, and I'll probably never have a cookbook deal, it comes from the heart and is honest.

My philosophy is that you should always play with your food. Experiment with spices that you've never heard of. Add a teaspoon extra than the recipe calls for or substitute it all together. In my experience, I've learned how foods taste by playing with quantities and having to figure out how to undo a heavy-handed mistake. But most of all - food feeds the soul as well as the body. Put a little of your heart into every dish.